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DWIT FOOD HUNT: Khusbu Sweets Ko Paapdi Chaat


By Aabiskar Pandey

Be it lunch or snack, most Deerwalkers wander off to restaurants and cafeterias nearby to grab a quick bite. I am no exception, always on the hunt for some exciting delicacies. This quest led me to a small Sweet House named “Khushbu Sweets and Chaat House” along the road from Sifal Chaur to Jaya Bageshwori which offers a variety  of vegetarian dishes. Samosas, Chaat, Momo, Chowmein and various kinds of sweets are offered here. The dish I was here for was “Papdi Chaat”.

Papdi Chaat is a yummy snack assorted with crunchy base of Papdi (crisp puris) which is topped with lip-smacking chutneys, veggies and curd (You can ask to serve without curd as well). It took around 10 minutes for the order to be served. Visually, the chaat looked really appealing and inviting with curd covering the underlying Puris and a sprinkle of Bhujiya on top.The taste of the chaat was up to the mark as well. Taking the first bite, it was a burst of multiple flavours. Sweetness from the Spicy Chashni, sourness of the curd and the savoury taste of the Puris and Bhujiyas went together very well. The spicyness is well complemented by the cold curd that refreshes the mouth after each bite.

At the end, you are left with the mixture of Chutneys and curd which is a mouthful experience in itself. It makes a perfect mid-day snack or a light evening snack as well. I know what you’re thinking, what’s the cost for the Chaat? Well, it’s just Rs 70 a plate and believe me it’s worth it.

This dish will leave you with a full stomach and if not, a little space to grab a cone of Chatpate on the way to the college. How’s the Chatpate you might ask? Well, that might be the FoodHunt review in coming weeks. Stay Tuned!

Here’s how you can get there:

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