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DWIT Food Hunt: Home Edition


By Aryama Upadhyaya

Foods We Can Make With Easy Little Items During Quarantine Period

The quarantine period has been difficult for us amid the heartbreaking situation it is that we hear in the news every day. However, we could use this lock downtime as a great opportunity for all of us to spend our time with our family. Most of us are fed up with watching series and movies all day. I’m sure we are all out of ideas to pass our time. 
Cooking with your family could be a very fun and enjoyable thing to do. In this article, I’ve shared some food items I made with my family people in this quarantine period.


I had this dosa craving and learned the recipe from the internet. It was quite simpler than it sounded. The dosa part requires rice flour, split black gram (Black dal), Chanaa dal. For the masala part, I smashed the boiled potato and added some garnish and spices in it. It was difficult to make the dosa at first, but after 2-3 tries, it was not that bad. In the picture, there’s coconut chutney and tomato chutney. It was fun working in a team. I would definitely suggest you try this at home.


Pakoda is a quite easy-to-prepare dish. It doesn’t take you much time for preparation. You just need gram flour (Besan flour) to be added to any vegetable you want. For instance, I added potato, cabbage, spring onion, onion, coriander and spices to the batter of the gram flour. We just have to fry the vegetables in an appropriate size. The pakodas dipped in tomato chutney would be yummy with a full tummy.

Creamy Egg Pasta

This dish requires only 5 items to prepare. Pasta, egg, chicken soup (to add a lil’ bit of flavor), cheese and onion. First, I boiled the pasta and then fried it along with onion and egg. Then I made a bowl of thick chicken soup and then added the pasta for a while. I added some grated cheese on it. It took me not more than half an hour. We could even add pepper if we want. It was tasty and easy with only 5 easy items.


Oh, how could we forget chatpate! Chatpate is like the king of spicy foods. It could be your great friend while watching movies and even fun to eat in a group. Chatpate is “More the spice, more the fun” type food. You need an onion, tomato, chilies, spices, noodles, and puffed rice. The fun part is anything added to it that can make it even tastier. When I don’t know what to eat, I end up with chatpate.


Sandwiches are also an easy ready food item. I added cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato and fried egg to the bread and grilled the sandwich. This dish can fulfill your cravings for fast food which we definitely miss during this quarantine time.

There are many more food items you could easily prepare:

Thukpa- Hand roll the dough and boil it along with vegetables as per your choice and spices
Potato Chips- Simply grating potatoes and frying them
Popcorn- It’s the best movie buddy you could ever have
Khichdi and Kheer- Typical Nepali food items with rice and dal and rice and milk 

We can all join our hands together in the kitchen and have a great family time learning new things. Let’s stay positive and hope for this quarantine time to end very soon!

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