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DWIT Food Hunt: 109 Degrees


By Aryama Upadhyaya

109 Degrees is situated at Deerwalk complex, Sifal. It is right outside DWIT’s doorstep and God knows why we hadn’t visited there. Although it lies in the mid-Kathmandu region with pollution everywhere, it has a peaceful and fresh environment inside with greenery in its surrounding. It is so quiet that you can even hear birds chirping. The pebbled floor with brown furniture looks classy and attractive. When my friend and I entered, the atmosphere there was so welcoming and the staff were very kind and friendly. We tried some mouthwatering dishes which we heard were good from different people.

Wings Momo

When the sizzling sound approached us, we couldn’t hold back our excitement. The smoky sizzler tray contained momos, chicken legs and wings, capsicum and onion with chilli sauce. The chicken pieces looked crunchy and well-seasoned on the outside and as I took the very first bite, the juice just dripped down amazingly. It was full of spice which perfectly satisfied our cravings. After vigorous completion of the chicken pieces, we still couldn’t take our hands off the plate. We ended up licking the tray itself. We didn’t regret spending Rs. 270 on such a delicious meal.

Butter Garlic Corn

As a Nepali, we rarely order dishes beside momos and pizzas. Well, this dish was different. It was sweet corn with creamy and salty gravy in a hard dosa like bowl which was edible too. There was a pinch of red chilli flakes on top which added charm to the contrast of yellow corn and white cream. Describing the presentation of this dish as ‘beautiful’ could be insufficient.  Also, it tasted amazing. The cream just disappeared in my mouth and I couldn’t restrain myself from continuously eating it. It cost us Rs. 350 and it was worth the taste.

Chocolate Nemesis

As a dessert, we ordered Chocolate Nemesis which was priced at Rs. 250. It was a hot chocolate cake covered with chocolate syrup which looked very tempting. The cake looked like brownie at first and even like truffle. However, it was so delicious and irresistible. It was a perfect dessert after the spicy foods we ate.

All in all, the ambience and the food were undoubtedly wonderful. It is an excellent place to spend quality time with family, or friends and colleagues. It looks even prettier in the evening because of the lights and fireplace.

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