Sun, 16 Jun, 2024


DWIT Facilitates CTEVT Course


By Bijina Regmi

Image Source: DWIT Digital Media Team

The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) provides certificate level (Diploma level), technical SLC and short-range professional education and skill training to produce skillful human resources to the nation. It provides education by the aid of institutions like affiliated technical schools, colleges, and training centers as well as annex colleges. This course is mainly designed for those people who are unable to receive higher education due to various reasons or are very interested in getting professional/ vocational training and skills.  

Deerwalk Institute of Technology has facilitated this course recently with an enrollment of 40 students among which 8 are girls and 32 are boys. There is a diverse age group of people which proves that there is no age limit for education. There are five different subjects available like Applied Communication and Professional, Graphic and Web Design, Fundamental of Information Technology, Hardware, Assembly Repair, and Maintenance, Networking. These subjects are being taught by very enthusiastic and devoted young teachers who are graduates of DWIT College. It is amazing how the students are engrossed as coordinators and teachers seem thrilled by the students’ involvement and enthusiasm.

The class officially started on Mangsir 2076. The students have learned HTML/CSS, basic hardware knowledge and assembling, cabling, writing emails, using the Microsoft word, Microsoft excel in this almost 2 months of time. After the completion of this course, they will be qualified to do basic computational works. The part of this course includes working in companies to gain experiences to deal with the real-world problems using their skills. Deerwalk Institute of Technology has provided internship opportunities to the students. Some have already started working in auto services.

The dedication shown by all the students despite all the hurdles and challenges they have come across is really impressive and commendable. When some of the students were asked if they were satisfied with the course, they told that they were more than grateful to the institution and the government because they had learned so much more than they had expected. They also mentioned, the teachers being young and hardworking is like an energy booster and a plus point, which encourages them every day to work harder.

All 40 of them are doing their best with the dream to do something great in their life. With the determination they have been going, they will surely make everyone proud and make the change and impact they have always wanted.

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