Wed, 19 Jun, 2024


Driving in the rain


By Bijina Regmi

Today I was driving around the city, flooded by the rain. My raincoat shielding it all while everyone suffered in pain. The first rain victim I saw was an old man dawdling about like a headless chicken, clothes dripping wet. I wanted to help, ask him if he wanted a ride but I leaped past him before I even had a chance to decide. And by the time I realized that I should have, I had already passed the old man. So I slowed down a bit, overcame with guilt. I promised myself that the next sufferer I see will surely help her or him. I went ahead a few miles, saw three kids with smiles. Trying to fit inside the same umbrella, pushing each other side by side. I decided that they didn't need my help, they are more than fine. So I went further a few more miles, saw a mid-aged lady running down the aisle. But she had an umbrella so she too seemed fine. Yet I still had so much of guilt, I remembered the old man grit his teeth, too cold in the street. 
So I went ahead driving some more, to find a lady in the middle of the road. She had no umbrella or even a raincoat. With her, I decided to ask, where was she headed to and if she needed a ride. But she wouldn't even listen to me, because she was enjoying the rainfall down her face, and every inch of it. She had the world turned off and her earphones on, she reminded me of every happy thing written about rain and the sun.

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