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Access Free Video Lectures Through Deerwalk Learning Center


By Isha Sharma Gauli

Deerwalk Learning Center is a non-profit organization that provides free video lectures from Grade 4-12. The video lectures produced by DLC which are also termed as ‘flipped classes’ are as per the syllabus provided by the Curriculum Development Committee, Ministry of education of government of Nepal. It is packed with teaching videos of every chapter of English, Nepali, Mathematics, Social, and Science. In these video lectures, the teachers deliver the lecture in the same manner as they do in the classroom. The main aim of these flipped classes is to address the lack of availability of the teachers in different parts of the country. DLC is also working as a bridge to address the gap between the private and public schools in Nepal.

As of May 10, the total estimated reach of DLC has reached 3 Million+ ( 30 lakhs).

200K+ lifetime users (Online Platforms)

1100+ schools through OLE (500K+ reach esm.)

200+ schools through EduTech Nepal (70K+ reach esm.)

1.6M+ reach through Dish Home

200K+ reach through NET TV

The video lectures are available to the students who have access to the internet and its offline module can be received for free by contacting the DLC office. The distribution platforms of the video lectures by DLC are:

Youtube:  Deerwalk Learning Center
Android Application: DLC Mobile

The flipped classes produced by Deerwalk Learning Center have received so much positive feedback in recent days. The video lectures have turned out to be very helpful to the students, especially in this lockdown period. While the lockdown seems to last forever, it was observed that parents were very worried about their ward’s education but the video lectures produced by the Deerwalk Learning Center have been very effective to keep their children occupied and engaged in their studies. So, if you are interested to know more about the flipped classes do visit the above-mentioned site.

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