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By Bidhi Raghubanshi

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Genre: Non-Fiction
Author: Sadhguru

What is death? This question is not that simple as it seems to be. We are living in the world where the conversation about death is considered as a taboo in most of the societies. But what if death is not the catastrophe but an essential aspect of life? what if it is the rife with spiritual possibilities for transcendence? 

In this book, Jagadish Jaggi Vasudev A.K.A Sadhguru, a yogi, mystic, and one of the best speakers, explores all aspects of death and the afterlife. This book is not just about death, but about living in such a way that death does not seem extremly fearful thing. Death is fraught with myths, which he attempts to dispel in this book. He discusses the process of death as well as the various chakras of the body through which one can leave the body and its processes such as Maha Samadhi, people dying in accidents or due to major health conditions, or people damaging the body in such a way that life energies do not take place in the body. As humans, once in a while we ponder about the possibilities of our destiny after death. If we have lost our loved ones, in those vulnerable moments we all want to know where they are and what are they doing and, in our culture, we perform various rituals to make sure that they don’t linger around and leave peacefully. But do we actually know why are those after death rituals performed? Most of us even our elder generations may not have answer to this question but here in this book Sadhguru explains the significance of those rituals which contains information about Runanubandha, Kalabhairava karma etc. This book changed my perspectives towards life and death. I used to think of death as a failure that is to be shunned and mourned and life as the success to be celebrated. But after reading this book I realized that the process of our death started way before we were even born, and I questioned myself that why can’t death be celebrated? He also explains what the good death is and reflected upon thought of overcoming the fear of death. At the ending phase of the book, he gives us insight into ghosts and spirits and also explains the process of reincarnation and talks about his past lives. Here, Sadhguru has answered and cleared all the confusions about life and death. This book is very knowledgeable and interesting at the same time and Sadhguru’s sense of humor enhances the reading experiences. In a nutshell this book teaches us that we will live a good life only if we accept the fact that death is inevitable and overcome the greatest fear of humanity-fear of death. I would recommend this book to everyone as Sadhguru says this book is for everyone who shall die one day. 

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