Wed, 19 Jun, 2024


Dashain Amidst Covid-19


By Amshu Upreti

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With the festive season so close, a different kind of atmosphere is being set around us. The liveliness of kites soaring in the sky, people swinging high, children excited in their new dresses, delicious aroma of different dishes, auguring good luck through akshyata and jamara, the joy of getting Dakshina and playing cards with family and friends. Just the thought of it makes my heart beam with warmth and happiness.

The festival we have been waiting for so long is nearing our doorsteps but can we celebrate it carefreely knowing the danger of Covid 19 is there in every nook and corner? Government has repeatedly urged its citizens to avoid crowds and refrain from gatherings. MoHP - Nepal has appealed to people to celebrate Dashain wherever they are due to the current situation as there is a huge chance that the number of cases will skyrocket. “Although COVID-19 is gradually coming under control in other districts, the Kathmandu Valley is still at high-risk of coronavirus. More than half of the infected people across the country are from the Kathmandu valley,” said Foreign Affair Minister Pradip Gyawali during a press meet on October 6. Festivals are usually a getaway from our hectic schedule but the scenario is different this time. Covid 19 has financially affected a large part of the population. This year’s Dashain may not be merry for everyone, given the economical crisis and loss of many lives. But if we aren’t careful it could lead to the worst possible condition. Therefore, Let’s not get lost into the festive feel and lose the track of the circumstance we are under, as we can enjoy tomorrow only if we are aware today.

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