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Daraz Future Leadership Program : What is it ?


By Shambhav Acharya

Daraz Future Leadership Program is a 18 months paid management trainee program designed to help one become a leader. Throughout the three six-month rotations, you’ll be given opportunities that drive business results and will help you grow to your maximum potential. Your industry knowledge and personal growth will be accelerated through excellent top management coaching & leadership training.

The objective of this program is simple: “transform our DFLP trainee’s into leaders within a period of 18 months”. The program develops and nurtures our trainee’s while keeping them challenged in their day-to-day assignments and projects which includes giving them exposure to challenging projects, extensive on-boarding, external/internal training, top management coaching, departmental rotations and monthly outings.

1.So, what happens with a trainee during this period?

Every 6 months within the 18-month period the trainee will work in different departments, in close quarters with the respective department managers.
The trainees can choose 3 different departments of their interests. Departments are marketing, commericals, customer care, etc. The trainees will also do a real life project alongside the manager. After the program is completed, the trainee will ultimately take on the role of manager at one of the departments.

2.What kind of projects can one expect?

The central office which is in Pakistan will have a specific target set--the projects will follow alongside them. Coordinating with the central office and the head of the department, the candidates will perform their tasks.

3. What they are looking for in the trainees?

- The trainees should be enthusiastic to learn.
-  They should be academically strong.
- Master’s level or Graduates are preferred but Bachelor’s in their last semester can apply too. It is a full time job.
- Fluent in English Language.

4. What kind of experiences does one need?

As long as the above requirements are met, one does not really need to have some kind of experiences as the candidates will be groomed if taken under the program.

5.When and where can one apply?

You can apply at or [email protected] by 14th Sept.

6. How often will the post be vacant?

One candidate will be taken every 6 months.

7. Now that we are facing Covid-19, how will it work?

Besides the operations department, most of the employees work from home. If the lockdown restrictions are lifted, the employees can work from the office depending upon the various restrictions applied. For instance, there may be odd or even vehicle days. In this case, the employees will come as per their vehicle numbers. The employees take shifts every week so one batch works one week in the office and another the next week and so on.

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