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Cycling Report : Memories Between Two Wheels


By Giriraj Khatri

Picture Courtesy: Hiking Club I

t was my third week in Deerwalk and the cycling form was circulated among the students. I love going out so I filled the form. Only the few selected randomly would have an opportunity to attend the event. I felt very excited to see my name on board. We were destined to Lele and the cycling day would be on December 19, 2015. Early on the cold winter morning, the cyclists gathered on the premises of DWIT. We were to start at 7 a.m. After some group photos, my first outing from DWIT was on a go. We stopped at Baneshwor to buy snacks and were supposed to cycle through Sankhamul-Patan-Jawlakhel-Bhaisepati and leave the valley. It was at Jawalakhel that I and my classmates missed the route and that resulted to report writing. We finally caught up with the group at Ekantakuna where the hiking club president and the coordinator were waiting up for our arrival. We apologized!! At the very first hour; the inclined road of Bhainsepati tested our cycling capability. The road was tough but we had to be tougher. But, my toughness was no good and as I had to drag my mountain bike GTA all the way up. The route was perfect-Pitched, graveled, slushy, uphill, downhill, stream and everything that would make the journey adventurous. After three hours of continuous cycling, we stopped at tea-house in Champi for breakfast. We cycled and crossed through the Nakkhu river and rode all through its bank. It was a comfortable ride and we came across a beautiful waterfall. Some of the cyclists who had already been there tried to mimic the photo that they had taken during their last trip.

 We huffed and puffed to climb the uphill. At some point we even dragged the cycle. Our legs were giving up but our hearts wanted to continue. There is always a sunshine after the rain. We had finished the most difficult part and had the easy going downhill. To enjoy the success of climbing we had some snacks at the top that gave a pleasant view of the unknown village. After some safety instruction from our seniors we rushed down the hill. It can be best described with the verse from the poem of Henry Charles Beaching. "Swifter and yet more swift Till the heart with a mighty lift Makes the lung laugh, the throat cry:- “O bird, see; see, bird I fly." We cycled through the hills and bumpy roads. Took many photos and videos. We tried to take all the fun that we could through the journey. With aching legs, we were all destined to complete the journey. Some of my friends were starting to have problems. The seniors were so helpful and co-operative that without their support it would be very difficult to complete the journey. Finally, crossing all the hitches we arrived at Satdobato where we had a delicious lunch. With appetizing stomach everyone was gulping their food. We succeeded as a team. Thanks to all the senior members for being so co-operative and nice to us. It was a great opportunity for us to know each other. It was one of the best moments of our lives. Giriraj Khatri is a student currently studying in DWIT

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