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Covid Update: July 27, 2020


By Amol Timsina

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Here we are back with the weekly update of the Covid-19 pandemic, in Nepal. Let us begin without any disruptions.

Note: These updates stand correct as of 27th July 2020. The further changes will be targeted in the next updates on Mondays. We are doing these on a weekly basis.

General case updates of Nepal (till date):

Total number of RT-PCR tests done till date: 347,275

Total positive cases: 18,752

Total recovered cases: 13,754

Total active cases(in isolation): 4,950

Total deaths: 48

Positive updates:

We can still notice that the recovery rate is increasing. It might not sound right on paper, but it really feels good in the chest when people see other people recovering from the virus. Let us maintain the necessary discipline and flatten this as soon as possible.

Other news:

1. After the midnight of Shrawan 6th 2077 (21st July), Nepal has become lockdown-free. The number of vehicles and people on the road has gone up drastically. After the reopening of the country, many places, especially in the Terai, like Biratnagar have shown the infection in community level and have been ordered to shut down except for essentials, obviously. We can still see the ignorance in people, discarding masks and social distancing. Let us hope everybody realizes just how dangerous this thing is.

2. The rumors regarding the examinations of Tribhuvan University-based colleges and other Universities turned out to be true, to some extent. TU has decided to finish off the exams that were postponed just after the lockdown. Notices regarding many faculties of TU like the Institute of Engineering (IOE), Institute of Science & Technology (IOST) and so on have been published with news related to the resumption of the examinations. This has become a huge topic for the students, considering their situation. Students have been strangled at their hometowns with no study materials for months now. For them to return back to the capital and study everything thoroughly within a week seems rather irrational. The different Student Unions have submitted their concerns to the university. The deans and members of the Tribhuvan University have, since then, shown some response and have promised to postpone the exams further if the situation gets worse (which already is showing its signs), in different interviews with the media. Purvanchal University, after analyzing the situation has decided to further postpone the exam until things loosen up.

3. The monsoon has been showing its wrath for weeks now. Numerous reports of landslides and floods have been popping off with numerous people facing death and loss of property. Even the highways connecting major cities have been destroyed in many places making it difficult and even impossible for people to travel. We will get to see more of its effects after the planned reopening of the long-route travels on Bhadra 1st. 

4. There is news about the vaccine under development by the experts at Oxford University having a great potential to be “the one”. We still cannot expect vaccines before the end of 2020 though.

See you in the update next Monday, have a safe week!    

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