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COVID Update: July 20, 2020


By Amol Timsina


There might possibly be no one in our country who still is unaware about this worldwide pandemic. This virus has become as frightening as things can get. With no signs of it going away anytime soon, people have started to normalize things and have started filling their brains with things–other than the virus–to worry about. So without further ado, let’s get into the update:

Note: These updates stand correct as of 20th July 2020. The further changes will be targeted in the next updates on Mondays. We will be doing these on a weekly basis.

General case updates of Nepal (till date):

Total number of RT-PCR tests done till date: 319,872

Total positive cases: 17,844

Total recovered cases: 11,868

Total active cases(in isolation): 5,936

Total deaths: 40

Positive updates:

Despite the increase in the number of cases every day, the number of cases of recovery seems to be going up too. With the recovery rate as high as 66.5% we can expect better days. Also, let us not be careless, always maintain our distances and wear a proper mask.

Other news:

1. The private schools around the nation have stopped their share of online education because of the joint statement from PABSON (Private And Boarding School’s Organization Nepal)and N-PABSON (National Private And Boarding School’s Organization Nepal), stating their difficulties. It states their hardship regarding finance and not being able to pay their employees and teachers after the government ordered them not to take fees from the students at times like these. They have also stated that this was the only feasible solution at the moment and are open for talks to solve the problem.

2. Rumors regarding the examination of Tribhuvan University courses are on the fly. Trusted media like Gorkhapatra and Ekantipur have stated that the exams are to be conducted very soon by the University and obviously keeping the situation in mind, the University is expected to take rather different approaches to examinations this time. Although, the primitive ways are also not out of consideration, as it is not possible for every student to have a proper internet connection for online exams. Official statements from the University can be expected after Shrawan 7th.

3. The process of finding a vaccine for this virus is on a continuous trial. According to WHO, the vaccines must successfully complete three stages of clinical testing after a pre-clinical test to be approved as usable. At the moment, out of 163 registered trials, about 140 are in the pre-clinical tests. 23 of them are in the clinical tests. Leading the trials are just 3 vaccine models that are currently in the third stages of clinical testing. Chinese company Sinovac is in the third phase and is now planning for a late-stage trial in Bangladesh after they finish in Brazil. Along with Sinovac, AstraZeneca from the experts at Oxford University and another Chinese company Sinopharm are also in the third phases of clinical testing. Let us hope they bless us with a vaccine ASAP.

See you in the update next Monday, have a wonderful and safe week!    

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