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Covid Update: August 31, 2020


By Isha Sharma Gauli

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We are back with the weekly update of the Covid-19 pandemic in Nepal. So without further ado, let’s get into the update:

Note: These updates stand correct as of 31st August 2020. The further changes will be targeted in the next updates on Mondays. We will be doing these on a weekly basis.

General case updates of Nepal (till date):

Total number of RT-PCR tests done till date:  6,93,472
Total positive cases: 39,460
Total recovered cases: 21,410
Total active cases(in isolation): 7,337
Total deaths: 228

Positive updates:

Despite the increase in the number of cases every day, the number of cases of recovery seems to be going up too. With the recovery rate as high as 54% we can expect better days. Also, let us not be careless, always maintain our distances and wear a proper mask.

Other news:

  1. Cabinet Meeting which was held today has decided to not open domestic airlines and long route public transportation until the end of Bhadra.
  2. Till today, 115 Non Residential Nepalese people have lost their lives due to Covid-19.
  3. In the last 24 hours 118 people inside the valley have tested positive for covid-19.
  4. In today’s date, there are 132 Covid-19 patients in ICU and 16 Covid-19 patients in ventilators in Nepal.

See you in the update next Monday, have a safe week!    

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