Sun, 26 May, 2024




By Iris Raj Pokharel

It is the most difficult period for many people in the world when the world is battling against the rage of Corona. Being an optimist, I am considering my self-isolation as vacation the world has offered me, in which my paycheck doesn’t get cut and I have every time for myself and my family. Well, it might be difficult for everyone to cope up with social distancing because we are bound by a friend circle that demands “chiya” every morning. But trust me, the virus is much more dangerous than we could have possibly imagined. In developed countries where people can afford much more time than we can only dream of are dealing with deaths and more in numbers. In an underdeveloped country like ours, where pollution is uncontrollable and where strong medical facilities lack in every place we need to draw a bigger picture of actualization that we are in serious threat. Sorry, but just keeping a belief of being gorkhali and fighting corona won’t work this time.

So, being in a shelter is the best thing to do until we don’t get a concrete solution to the virus. Here are some things you might find interesting to do during this period;

  • If you are a bookaholic, you could just give a green signal to the pieces of literature that you kept a hold on to. Writers like Paulo Coelho, Khaled Hosseini, Samuel P Huntington are my social friends for this vacation.
  • Being with family would be another great thing for you. Just cracking any useless jokes about anything or brainstorming to your future plans with the family would be the thing you wouldn't miss doing.
  • If you are a sportsperson, helping Alex Hunter in FIFA to build his career would divert your mind or I wouldn't mind even if you watch all Mohamed Salah goals on youtube.
  • If you are more into coding, it would be great to learn codes and start building some pet projects of your own. I am sure it will help you in your mini, micro or even Final Year Project.
  • Keep the supply of all necessary commodities that you may need because Nepal is on the verge of lockdown and it might be difficult to get every needed supply from the market in the lockdown time period. 
  • Stay healthy because we stay in our room most of the time, and we spend most of our time in bed which degrades our health. And since gyms are closed, morning yoga, aerobics or even some physical exercise can be helpful in the time when you need your immunity the most.
  • If you want to learn a foreign language, duolingo might be handy for self-learning. That might even help you go to the non-english speaking nation after your graduation.
  • Watching series on Netflix is my personal favorite job in my self-quarantine. Or series like Asur, Friends(Again) would be the thing that might boost your drained energy.

All the above-mentioned points are based on my opinion on the things you can do. You are a master of your own and are free to do things you love. But please be careful because this virus can deteriorate our health like anything. Just stay safe for you, your family and everyone you care about. As of now, we can wish everything to get normal which might take time but patience is only the key to saving lives. Every halted plan can get another chance but your health once affected won’t give you any other chance. Be a sage and act wisely! Happy Quarantine!

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