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Coursera for Campus- Stay Home And Get An IVY Certificate


By Amol Timsina

Coursera—one of the most popular online-learning website having links with leading universities and companies—has a special initiative called Coursera for College/Campus and our very own DWIT has become a part of it, allowing the students to choose from a variety of courses (3800+) from the aforementioned universities and companies. 

Most students were found to have taken part in courses involving Computer Science and IT (rightfully so), but as the lockdown soars on, few students have decided to choose different courses. Boredom has started taking a toll on people so it is only expected to see students interested in various other topics. Today we take a look into some students and their views on why they thought out of the box.

We went on to interrogate a few students from different batches about their choices. Here are some of their responses,

A student from batch of 2021; courses: Digital Marketing by University of Illinois / Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset by Michigan SU 

Status: Incomplete, 
Reason: Interested in marketing and entrepreneurship which is not normally practiced in     science background; thinks it plays an important role in the real world; believes we all have million dollars worth creative ideas but we don’t know how to execute them,

Another student from batch of 2022; course: The Science of Well-Being by Yale University

Status: Completed,
Reason: Is tired of IT at the moment; says the course helps relax and claims courses like these would be of great help in our college for balancing the pressure of other subjects.
Other opinion: There seems to be a problem regarding assignment grading, as the platform offers peer grading in most courses, some people seem to be marking other people just for the sake of doing it; which seems unfair and is just an easy way out. 

Final student from batch of 2023; course: Introduction to Psychology by Yale University

Status: Incomplete,
Reason: Personal interest,
Other opinion: Online classes are not as successful as normal classes, I think the presence of mind of a learner is lost here.

Afterthought: Personally, I enrolled into a philosophy class with similar reasons as above, wanting a break from all the other IT topics. The course I chose can be found here The Modern and The Postmodern (Pt. 1). The process of learning new things is absolutely great and in means as easy and accessible as this, it does not get any better.

This article is not, in any way, a medium to discourage students who have chosen topics related to Computer Science or IT.

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