Sun, 16 Jun, 2024


But love was always right!


By Anonymous Writer

Tears in her eyes blur her view ahead.
She wishes to say, “See you soon!” but instead,
“Goodbye. Take care!” she says.
They finally decide to part their ways.
Two caring people, two different lives,
Two gentle souls, too much thinking minds.
Two and two is four, but two and two made one,
Love, is where a different logic applies.
He, is always busy, he takes a lot of stress,
She, feels unbeautiful, insecure, and a mess,
They want to love, but themselves, before each other.
They, think of the other, before they think of themselves.
“Maybe it’s the best for my bae,” they think,
“that I don’t make him wait, only for me.” she thinks,
“that I don’t make her sad, only because I am.” he thinks,
“So maybe we should stop this.” they both agree too.
“The earlier I end, the lesser pain for you.”
It will be hard from talking every day to talking maybe never,
But I assure you that you will stay in my heart forever.
Hours pass by, tears won’t ever dry,
Maybe we can try, “Hi!”
“Hey, couldn’t sleep either?” her words went,
Her phone rings before her fingers tap send,
His voice trembling, “Can we at least remain friends?”
“I would love to!” words relay comforting to an extent.
The Universe had a plan, a plan they never knew,
Before they’d realize, their love again grew.
The girl became a strong pillar to support when he felt down.
The boy reminded her how beautiful she looked even when she frowned.
They had watched many movies and read a lot of books,
But the love they found was not of the same looks.
Not all the days spent were uplifting and bright,
They made a lot of mistakes, but Love was always right!

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