Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

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Bijina's Lockdown Diary


By Bijina Regmi

Today I had decided to wake up early, but when I heard the alarm buzzing, I snoozed it and how I went back to sleep. Suddenly, I could hear a sound and  I knew it was familiar. Is it the sound coming from the factory near my house? But that’s not possible because it has been closed due to lockdown. Is it from the kitchen? My curiosity and my sleep were struggling hard. Finally, my curiosity won. 

I went downstairs to see what the sound was, then I saw my parents were cleaning the living room with the vacuum. I don’t know why, but I felt bad and came down after I freshen up. It was already 10 a.m. I started cleaning my room. My father came and was so amused to see me do it. And he just called my mom to show that amazing thing that their daughter was doing; cleaning her room. 

After I finished cleaning, we had our lunch. I missed going to college, recalling all that rush and pressure. I had nothing to do. So what do I do today?

This question strikes me on a regular basis nowadays. I had so many novels in stock which were yes abandoned by me on a side of a cupboard which I never opened. I can’t deny the fact that the good habit of reading books continuously of mine was gone. I regretted not reading novels for so long, so I finally took them out and started reading one with very colorful and large fonts among all. As mentioned earlier, I couldn’t continue. 

The perks of staying home are that you are hungry every time. I like cooking if I am in the mood to cook. So I decided to make a mug cake. I had saved the video on my phone. It was really easy though. So I made it with just simple things which are available normally in everyone’s home, nothing that fancy. It took me 2 hours. But it was worth the wait, it turned out really well. 

I had really thought of limiting the use of social media in the quarantine but I couldn’t stop myself from using it. Then I didn’t realize it had already been more than an hour while I started using my phone. It was 4:30 pm already! Time does fly. 
I had joined an online course so it was the time for the class. I really loved this time because the classes were so interesting that I never wanted to miss them. While the class was over it was already 6:45. It was time for evening prayers. (ps: I don’t really do it but I was told by my mom very strictly that during this lockdown, it is my responsibility and she didn’t want to hear any excuse!; typical sweet moms)

After that, I started watching “Money Heist” (the ‘so popular series’ with great hype nowadays)! After watching one episode I just turned it off but my father who was studying or pretending to study, on another side of the sofa asked me to watch another episode.

After we had our dinner. Again we started watching it, the series! We had no idea when we slept.

So yes it was a day of my life in Quarantine. I don’t think this day, I did something really productive. But  I hope you guys are doing really productive things.

So,  please share your day so that I may get motivated to do really productive things instead of just sleeping and eating.

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