Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

Editor's Column

Aryama's Lockdown Diary


By Aryama Upadhyaya

I’ve always been a ‘stay at home’ kind of a person; therefore, I am actually enjoying it. As I live in a joint family, there’s drama and chaos every day as one can imagine. My morning starts with the sound of my grandfather’s early morning radio then with breakfast at 8 and lunch at 12.  Due to a fixed timetable of breakfast and lunch, the lockdown has certainly set up a healthy food routine. After lunch, it’s time for movies. All of us gather to watch a movie together and if I’ve already watched it earlier, I usually enjoy binging on a new series or movies on Netflix in my room.

Afternoons are my favorite since we try experimenting with new and simple recipes. As I cut short on my social media time and spend most of my time with my family, it’s no surprise that I and my brother have arguments. These arguments end up on a funny note and we laugh it off with every member of my family.

The day ends with me and my family gathering downstairs in the garden after dinner where we sing along and relive nostalgia of the old songs. We don’t seem to notice the time passing by until we look up in the sky to find stars twinkling. To make the star gazing more fascinating, I’ve downloaded an Astronomy app to find interesting facts on stars and constellations. After this, we head up to our room wishing everyone goodnight.

I then usually surf the social media for news regarding covid-19 and read a few articles and end my night with a fun buzz feed quiz.

Up until now, my experience has been enjoyable and has brought me a lot closer to my family and to new experiences.

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