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The Art of Saying No


By Sinja Ghimire

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You are enjoying a party and suddenly get a text from your friend asking you to complete their work. You are unable to say No and get uncomfortable. If you could say no to them you wouldn't miss the fun at the party.

We believe that we must always say yes to opportunities. We are afraid that saying no will cost us money, fun, and other opportunities. However, by always saying yes, we demonstrate a lack of regard for our time. We say yes to everything that comes our way without thinking. We rarely consider saying "no" to be a skill or something necessary for success and happiness.

We are always living in someone's expectations so it is a really hard task to say no. We occasionally have to make choices that will affect how our lives turn out. You cannot be frightened to decline in those circumstances. Children frequently cave into parental pressure when they are expected to attend college. It is unfair to ask someone to perform something they do not enjoy doing because we are all unique and have different desires in life. Do not enroll if you have a valid reason why you do not want to attend college. We must forge our own paths and follow our passions.

We say yes all the time in our personal lives. 

We say yes when friends invite us out when we have other obligations. Without thinking about it, we do a favor for friends or acquaintances. We even agree to greater things we don't desire. For example, we may accept occupations we dislike or begin relationships with individuals we dislike.

Saying no is not a crime. Your friends and family will understand, and they will still care about you even if you are unable to attend some social events. And if your pals don't grasp it, it's time to make new friends. We will still care about someone if they miss an activity if we truly care about them. Furthermore, when it comes to a job, say no to anything that isn't absolutely necessary. People will respect you for carrying out your duties and not wasting time on meetings and coffee breaks.

There are a few ways in which you can say No to someone. Some of those are:

  • Say it Indirectly: The majority of individuals prefer to begin with an indirect approach. In your personal life, you can say something like, "Look, I'd want to join you for drinks, but I need to focus on this project because it's essential to me." When you start saying no more frequently, it is OK to find excuses to avoid saying yes. When you start saying no, your primary aim is to achieve this.

  • Say "Yes" with the Condition: You do not always have to say no. You can't say no when your friends ask you to do some task before the end of the day. What we can do is compel our employer to prioritize. If you work in sales, for example, you can say, "I can provide you the information, but it means I won't be able to make the 10 calls we agreed on today." Is it all right?" With this conditional yes, we compel individuals to prioritize. It demonstrates that you have other responsibilities.

  • Say No Clearly: Once you're comfortable saying no more frequently, you may take the next step toward perfecting saying no. We make excuses for why we can't accomplish anything. We excuse ourselves from lunch since we have a "doctor's appointment." We feel awkward merely saying, "I can't make lunch this week." When you've perfected the art of saying no, you stop making excuses and start saying no forcefully. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Sometimes saying yes makes us regret our decision, but saying no may be difficult for many of us, but it will not make you regret your decision. So, being explicit and saying no may honor your feelings and lead to a healthy you.

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