Wed, 19 Jun, 2024


Are You Mind Full or Mindful?


By Aabiskar Pandey

“Ting - Someone tagged you in a post”,
“You have 5 new messages”,
“How many likes did I get on my post?”,
”I forgot to wish on his/her birthday.” 

Does this look familiar to you? Do you lose your control and cannot help but turn on your phone to see all the updates? Do you get caught up with all the messy thoughts in your head when it's important for you to concentrate at the moment? You are not the only one who goes through this but there are a million others out there who undergo similar situations without even realizing. We are constantly occupied by the digital world that exists in our smartphone. We get so gripped on these insignificant matters that we completely forget to live the present.

To be mindful is something people always misinterpret. It’s not about keeping your mind occupied with trillions of tasks that you need to do. It’s about letting go of all the thoughts and feeling the present. Observe your environment, the things around you, look outside the window, and celebrate every small thing. Observe yourself closely and ponder where you are currently in your life. “Time Flies”, everyone has used this phrase sometime in their life. It’s because, at some point in your life, you choose to freeze and look back at the journey that led you to the present life.

“Mindfulness is a moment-to-moment awareness. It is cultivated by purposely paying attention to things we ordinarily never give a thought to” - Jon Kabat-Zinn

Next time you feel overwhelmed by your daily chores, notifications from social media, or just your tasks, don’t forget to let go and feel the peacefulness and magic at the moment.

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