Tue, 18 Jun, 2024


Amshu's Lockdown Diary


By Amshu Upreti

Quarantine has made me lazy.
I wake up around 8-9 AM, freshen up and drink two glasses of warm water because my mother likes to say “water flushes down all the viruses present in your mouth”. Sometimes I play badminton with my sister and on other days I just scroll through my phone.  After having lunch I clean all the dishes. Since all the family members are present in the house we choose a movie to watch. Deciding which movie to watch invites chaos in the house. I must admit that even in dashain I didn’t play as much as cards that I do in my quarantine days. Due to the excessive use of the internet by everyone, internet surfing has really become a pain. Throughout the day I scroll through my feed, play Ludo with my sister, sometimes sketch and just move from one room to another. My favorite time is in the evening, I go out to the terrace, feel the wind and watch the beautiful sunset. The golden hour makes the sky look like god stroking orange and red paints with his paintbrush blessing us with the immense beauty of nature. I take a few pictures of the sky and just stay there with music playing in the background. At this time of day, I see many people on their terrace, some doing exercise, some chatting with their family members, some sipping tea and some just enjoying the peaceful time and admiring nature like me forgetting that we are living in midst of a world pandemic for once. But I'm reminded about it again as I can hear news blasting from the TV, reporting all the cases of the world. Being not a good cook I usually stay away from the kitchen but quarantine has made me cook a few dishes and let’s say they were bearable. During the night I play songs in the shuffle and just vibe along with the songs which range from Disney songs to guns n roses. Maybe because of not doing physical work much, I don't have much appetite during night time. I do Marvel marathons in the night time to pass the time and in no time it’s midnight. Beauty sleep is needed right? So I play indie songs and try drifting off to sleep hoping tomorrow everything will become alright.

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