Fri, 24 May, 2024




By Isha Sharma Gauli

On the 16th of May, DWIT news organized a live interaction session with Malvikka Subba on the topic “Addressing the portrayal of women in Nepalese society”. The very goal of this session was to draw the attention of our audience towards the condition of women in our society on today’s date.

Brief introduction of the guest:

Malvikka Subba is a well-known media personality. She is also a former Miss Nepal. She was crowned Miss Nepal in 2002 A.D. She is an actress, television host, social activist, and also an entrepreneur. 

Why did we invite her? 

Malvikka Subba is a social activist and also a feminist. So, we wanted to know how people are understanding the term ‘feminist’. We wanted to know how feminism is perceived by people in the Nepalese society and what kind of impact it is making in the backward communities of the nation. We basically wanted to clear the concept of feminism for our audiences. Therefore, we invited our special guest for the live interaction.

About the session:

We started the session by discussing the current situation in the world and how that has impacted the mental health of people from different walks of life. Our guest then shredded some light on how beauty pageants pedal confidence in young girls and gave them the platform to voice their opinions. We got to know more about feminism and while talking about this particular topic we also cleared many myths about feminists and feminism. We discussed the problems young girls are still facing in some backward communities of our nation and we tried to figure out the solutions to these problems. Our guest shared her opinions on topics like online bullying and online sexual harassment. We also had some great questions from the audience. All in all, the session was very interactive and we got answers to many of our questions. And we definitely got the gist about how women are portrayed in Nepalese society.

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