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By Aabiskar Pandey

On 19th May 2020, DWIT NEWS organized a live interactive session on the topic “Convincing Astrology to the Young Generation”. The very goal of this session was to debunk various myths about astrology and get answers to questions of astrology that we youth have a hard time believing. The guest of the session was Mr. Harihar Adhikari.

Brief Introduction of the guest:
Harihar Adhikari is a popular youth astrologer in Nepal who has also starred in a movie. He is the chairman of Astrologer Worldwide and runs a show called Margha Darshan.

Why did we invite him?
Astrology is a term that is very famous and followed widely in our community. It is the prediction of events and life of people based on the planetary positions in the solar system. Despite the claim of astrology being scientific, youths have a hard time believing in this field. It is often regarded as a scam. However, it is not correct to misjudge any field of study. We need to clear doubts and answer some of the questions that we possess for the astrology community. For that reason, we invited Mr. Adhikari as our guest.

About the Session:
The session started off with Mr. Adhikari focused on some of the earlier days when he was beginning his study as an astrologer. From there, we started off discussion on the topic of the session as per why youths don’t want to believe in astrology. Astrology claims to predict and suggest people on various components of their lives based on the birth charts. The questions that might pop up in everyone’s mind are “Why should I believe someone else’s opinion about my career?” or other questions of a similar sort. It is indeed a question that needs to be clarified to everyone. Astrology has a major part in gaining trust from the people and to gain that trust, people need to be well informed about the subject matter. Various questions regarding the corrective measures that are suggested by astrologers in the time of despair were also discussed. All in all, it was a very informative session and lots of questions were answered beautifully by our guest.

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