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Why It’s Not Worth Worrying About the Future


By Richa Rajendra

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Human beings are intelligent creatures. As much as we would like to believe that we are, we prefer to believe that we are not. Our ability to reason separates us from other organisms. Preparing for the future is an important component of our thinking. Goal: To develop a range of future scenarios that attempt to predict what will and won't happen in the future. Some people strive to live carefree lifestyles, claiming to "go with the flow" and be unconcerned about the future. Others are continually anxious because they are concerned about what will happen tomorrow and the next day. So, is it better to be concerned about our future or to be unworried?

Preparing for the future is a part of our thinking process. We try to imagine a variety of future scenarios in order to anticipate what will and will not occur. Because our work is so fast-paced, one must be mindful of what they are doing at all times or risk doing nothing. A good example is choosing which school or, more significantly, which university to attend. We must consider both our personal interests and the professions that our future degree will allow us to pursue. When we enroll in school, we must study in order to achieve good grades, or we risk not receiving the desired degree and not being able to accomplish the work we desire. As a result, planning for the future is advantageous when it drives us to work hard in order to achieve our goals.

This originates from our ancestors' drive to stay in control and avoid discomfort. However, there is a drawback to this sight into the future. For our predecessors, a faulty future prediction could have been useless. However, in today's world, we spend the majority of our time predicting events that will have little or no impact. We imagine a variety of scenarios in our heads, some of which may or may not come to pass. We have a tendency to assume the worst and become preoccupied with worst-case situations. Worry begins to encircle our minds. We become so focused on these potential outcomes that we overlook the simple pleasures of ordinary life.

Thinking about the future, however, isn't always a smart idea. Here's why it's not worth it to be concerned about the future:

 The future is rarely as bleak as we anticipate: How many times have you worried about something for hours or days? What's more, how often does your worst nightmare come true? Our hopes were much exceeded by reality. The truth is that the worst-case scenario only happens once in a while. Even if it occurs, the consequences will be far less severe than we fear. Things that we think are the end of the world are only small hurdles that we must overcome. The majority of the issues that are causing us to pull our hair out right now will be irrelevant in a few months or years. It's only our imagination playing tricks on us.

You have no power over it: Don't be concerned about the future because you have no influence over it. It's absurd to believe you can control things when luck, unpredictability, and chance play such a large role in life's unpredictable nature. You can't do it. Break the cycle of concern by accepting that you can't control or command how things should be. When you're so linked with so much of the world, it's impossible to have complete control over your life. Instead, deal with the unpredictability of the future by focusing your energy on the only things you have control over, your thoughts and actions!

You’re missing the best time of your life: Stop worrying about the future because you're missing out on the best time of your life right now. You miss so much in life while your mind is in the gutters, worrying about an unknown future. "My kids grew up in the blink of an eye," so many people nowadays say. Consider that you've only been on this rock for a little time, and you're missing out on the best bits because you're so focused on anticipating the future. Let go of the future! Focus on the present! Make it a point to focus on the things that matter most in your life, such as your family, friends, health, and so on. The only truth is to live in the present moment. When you feel better about yourself and everything else, you'll be more productive in your job, business, and how you interact with clients, coworkers, and staff. You don't want to have regrets later in life when you realize you missed out on the best part of your life.

If you want to quit stressing about the future - whether in your business, profession, or personal life - you must understand that, despite our access to cutting-edge technology, we are still human beings. In addition, our time here is limited. Forget the future and live in the present. The key to enjoying every moment is to remain in the present because we all know that time does not wait for anyone.

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