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This Week in Technology (19-26 July 2021)


By Bipashree Aryal

1. Nvidia RTX on ARM.

    July-19-San Francisco

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2021, Nvidia showcased its plans to expand its RTX GPU support to ARM hardware. The technology giant displayed its gaming technologies like DLSS and the Ray-Tracing capabilities of its RTX 3060 GPU paired with Mediatek’s flagship ARM processor, the Kompanio 1200.

What makes this pairing interesting is that the Kompanio is advertised as a processor intended for Chromebooks. The demo shows the Kompanio and RTX 3060 pair running games like Wolfenstein: Young Blood and Nvidia’s own “The Bistro” demo on Arch Linux. According to Nvidia, five RTX technologies have been ported to ARM and Linux. Furthermore, SDKs for those technologies are available now for Linux and Chromium developers.

2. Snapchat Reports Largest User Growth.


According to the latest earnings report of Snap Inc. Snapchat had its highest user growth in years and its daily active users have surpassed 293 million which is a 23% surge in users from this very time last year. This record of 23% tops the previous record of a 22% increase which happened four years ago and also tops Twitter which reported 206 million daily users in Q2 2021.

Snapchat saw a surge in its users following the release of the much-improved Android app and the ending of the pandemic lockdowns in different parts of the world.

3. Netflix to Introduce Game-Streaming Service.


Video streaming giant Netflix is now setting its foot into the world of video games and plans to offer game-streaming services for mobile devices as early as next year. This decision by the company could shake up the playfield in a sector where companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and even Apple have invested billions.

At the present, Netflix is the leader of a market that  is overly saturated. Services like Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+ have severely eaten up Netflix’s market share and this venture might just be the push Netflix requires for further growth. No specific games have been announced yet, but the company has hired former Facebook and Electronic Arts (EA) executive Mike Verdu to handle this project.

According to Netflix, the streaming service will be available to all Netflix users at no additional cost and will contain ad-free games for mobile devices at the beginning with console and PC games coming in the future as so many devices and platforms support Netflix.

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