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VNY 2020

Namaste Jharana: A Point of Attraction in Eastern Nepal


By Isha Sharma Gauli

Namaste Jharana is a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall present near the Dharan-Dhankuta Rajmarga (highway). The waterfall is located on the Bhedetar Village Development committee of Dhankuta district. It lies in between Dharan and Dhankuta so it takes an hour drive from both the places to reach the Namaste Jharana area. 

Namaste Jharana is a beautiful destination for domestic as well as international tourists. The waterfall lies in the hilly region of the Eastern Nepal. The height of the Namaste Jharana is said to be about 80 meters. The beauty of the waterfall is indescribable. The water falls from a very high cliff and it accumulates at the bottom creating a pond. The waterfall is located at the top of the hill, so to reach namaste falls one has to trek for about 20 minutes. In those twenty minutes, we have to cross a river and walk through a jungle like area surrounded by hills. 

The excitement when we get the first sight of the waterfall is unexplainable as the waterfall pops out of nowhere. The beauty of this waterfall is worth watching. People enjoy getting wet under the waterfall and they also dive in the water for a nice swim. It is definitely a very peaceful destination as we can only hear the pleasant, soft and gentle sounds of the water throughout the trek and as soon as we reach the top of the hill the lovely deep burble of the waterfall refreshes our mind.

Nevertheless, the waterfall area is very well managed. There are changing rooms near the waterfall to make sure you don't have to return home in wet clothes. The community has also facilitated the area with several local restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious local meal. 

To sum up, Namaste Jharana can be the best travel destination especially in the summer season. The serene beauty of this place could be really rejuvenating. Hence, if you are planning a vacation anywhere in the eastern part of the country, make sure you don't miss this natural beauty.

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