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By Kripali Sharma Poudel

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There has always been a stigma around mental health. As much as we prioritize our physical health, we don’t seem to give enough importance to our mental health. Maybe because we can’t see what one is going through in their minds, we tend to assume everything is fine with them. Most people might not be vocal about their feelings. They may be afraid to ask for help, choose to remain silent and try to tackle problems on their own. So it’s important to be kind to others because you never know what one is going through in their lives. Just because some people believe mental health is not real or invalidates your feelings, doesn’t mean you have to continue struggling or feeling guilty about the way you feel.

Mental health is real. Anxiety, stress, panic attacks and depression aren’t signs of weaknesses. What you go through and what you feel are completely valid. You are not weak. You are not alone. Your thoughts don’t define who you are. Your anxiety might tell you you’re not good enough. But it’s not true. It might feel like everyone around you is achieving so much in life and you’re not at the same level as them. You might compare yourself to others and feel disappointed in yourself. But just remember everyone’s pace and progress is different. Just because you’re behind doesn’t mean you’re not capable. 

Sometimes, everything around you can be a bit overwhelming. Everyone might seem to do a lot and you just have no motivation to do anything at all. You might be losing track of the simple day-to-day tasks. Getting out of bed or doing the bare minimum can feel like a difficult chore. You might feel like you’re not doing enough. But, it’s completely normal to not be productive all the time. You can say no to something or someone without feeling guilty. It’s fine to take a break, relax and just do nothing at all. You don’t need validation from others about the way you feel. 

Especially during this pandemic, when nothing is certain, people have been struggling with their mental health a lot more than ever. Confined inside our houses, with little to no social interaction, it has been tough for a lot of people to feel emotionally stable. The pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health. People are struggling to fight the virus but more importantly, most of them are battling a war in their mind. When negative thoughts seem to take over and you feel trapped in them, remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Do not lose hope. Nothing is permanent, neither this virus nor these feelings. 

Overthinking can be dangerous. You create scenarios in your head that might never happen in reality. You may feel vulnerable when you are in a dark place mentally. Escaping from your thoughts can be exhausting. Focusing only on the positives might seem impossible. So when you are stuck in such situations, always surround yourself with people who love and care about you. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Try to remember all your happiest moments. Focus on improving yourself and seek out new beginnings and possibilities. Always remember that you are lovable and worthy of all the great things in life.

Remember to always prioritize your mental health. You are not alone and your feelings are valid. Do what makes you feel happy. Take a break if you need to. Don’t hesitate to share your feelings and open up to someone you trust. You will feel better. You will get through this. Everything is going to be okay.

Your mental, emotional and physical health should be a priority over everything else in your life!


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