Wed, 19 Jun, 2024


Life Skills For Life Time


By Subekshya Karki

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It has been more than 50 days since we have been stuck in our home. Kudos to the children out there for bearing with this lockdown and patiently following the rules instead of playing around and enjoying with their friends.

During the lockdown, the online education system has kept many students busy with their regular classes. Although going to schools and following the daily school schedules could be hectic at times, the students were at least free to enjoy outdoors during the weekend or even after their classes. However, these days they are compelled to study and enjoy within the boundaries of their home.

The Nepalese education system has always lacked practical knowledge due to a greater focus on the theoretical understanding. Talking about the teaching process, children are taught only from books, and lots of assignments are given to keep them engaged throughout the day. However, at these times, the school system should focus more on increasing the creativity of students. It is the perfect time to teach them about the importance of moral education in the society so that they learn to differentiate between right and wrong. Schools can teach important life skills like cooking, gardening, sewing, problem-solving, creative thinking, etc. which would not only be useful for a one-year class but throughout their lives. Moreover, these skills are not exhausting but fun to learn and would eventually help them to grow as a person.

We are never taught about such basic life skills in our schools due to which we feel uncertain about facing various situations. Thus, schools should encourage their students to learn such life skills, follow their passion, and remain creative during this lockdown. 

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