Tue, 18 Jun, 2024




By Aryama Upadhyaya


Once, out of curiosity, I along with my friends decided to visit a place at Kalopul. Name of the place itself was unique ‘+81 Café’.  Just like its name, we found the ambience to be very cool. It had an amazing  interior which gave old school vibes. There was a bicycle with pictures for decoration and the walls had beautiful posters which reflected positive air. There was a cute little bar on the roof. We could ask for the service using a small phone set from the rooftop . 

We constantly talked about how  we didn’t visit the place earlier as we’ve noticed this place for a  long time . We were very eager to taste the food ; we ordered a few  items like momo, pasta and fries. Quiet impatient due to the mid-day hunger, as soon as the food arrived, we quickly grabbed the forks. Well, the excitement turned out to be totally disappointing. The momo was very oily and strange, and the pasta was dull and flavorless. The waiter was quite friendly but seemed confused as we had to ask for the same thing multiple times. The second time I visited this place, the burger we ordered had patty burnt on the outside while it still looked raw inside. 

It might have been a coincidence  that the food wasn't  their best on the days I visited, but the place was undeniably relaxing and chill. There were many different board games like monopoly, game of life, card games, jenga, and foosball, among others . You could visit the café to get your mind freshen up. This place would be even more enjoyable in the summer due to the chill and refreshing environment on the rooftop. Although the food wasn’t satisfying, I would still recommend the café if you want a fun place to  hang out with your friends.

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