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Are Self-help books truly helping?


By Sarthak Singh

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Books provide us stories, information, different perspectives of the author, history, and motivation depending on the genre of the book. One of the most common and criticized genres of books is self-help books. These books are written by authors who try to help and motivate their readers to work towards achieving their goals. There are thousands of influential books and each book has its own set of beliefs, each person has his/her self-beliefs, so who determines if a certain book helps the person become their ideal self.
In this world of influencers and influences, everyone has a story, everyone has a theory, everyone has their own opinion, how do we separate opinions from facts? How do we separate theories from the truth? How do we separate stories from myths? How does one determine what works for them?
 Everyone has a different set of beliefs on being their superior self or inferior self. Many successful personalities such as  Bill Gates and Barack Obama read countless self-help books. In this evolving world people have so much to work on, so much to learn that many people stop thinking or working on themselves which would stop them from being at their best potential.  Self-help books help us to think about how great we can be and help the readers to take the first step. 
But is a self-help book useful for everyone? Self-help books are a must to read for everyone but not all self-help books are compatible for everyone. Different books have different views and so do people. Some may find it pleasing or displeasing. Many self-help books are motivating and uplifting but some famous books give us the wrong idea about human minds, human capabilities and give false information, and question our self-worth.
People have their perspectives in life, and many readers believe that self-help books are not important. Reading them doesn’t work or hasn’t improved or affected their true life. Reading a self-help book might motivate you; Teach you how to improve your life but if you cannot implement the knowledge you are gaining from these books then they are pointless, being a complete waste of time. You can’t turn a bankrupt business into a successful one; Turn into a millionaire overnight, and date a hot supermodel by reading a self-improvement book. 
You cannot learn “The 7 truths of life” by reading it off a stack of paper. To achieve something, you need to work for it.  No one will come knocking on your door and give you a cheque for a million dollars. Some of the greatest “Bestseller” self-help books like Mark Manson’s “Subtle art of not giving a fu*k" and Tony Robbin's “Awaken the Giant within” teaches its readers not just about how to keep yourself motivated or how to date a supermodel in 7 days, but also teaches them how one can/should accept their failures using it as a stepping-stone to achieving their dreams. Self-help books are important to gain knowledge, but implementing the things we learn from them in our daily lives is crucial.  

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