Sun, 16 Jun, 2024


Anime Review : ReLIFE


By Amshu Upreti


"But there's something a little sad about them [fireworks], too. They're so flashy, pretty and exciting, but as they fade, you feel sort of lonely."
-Arata Kaizaki

27 years old Arata Kaizaki is a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), basically a failure for his age in the eyes of the society. The storyline revolves around Arata where one day he meets an unusual guy who offers him a drug and asks him to participate in their experiment called ReLIFE. Arata was feeling the lowest he had ever felt in his entire life with no job, no money to meet the month's end and an emotional trauma which he couldn’t move on from. He was offered financial aid for the entire year and also a promising job once the experiment was conducted successfully to wish he agreed. He took the pill and the next day he found himself in his young teenage appearance and had to attend highschool. The story proceeds from there where his progress as a test subject is noted everyday. Since ReLIFE is a program which would give NEETs a chance to relive their youth with a hope to bring them back to loving their life and understanding life is not worth throwing away by shutting yourself. Arata’s influence on the side characters and vice versa, is also something to look forward to.
I finished ReLIFE in one go, from the moment I began to watch it I got absorbed within. Being back to highschool after almost 10 years was quite harder than expected. Starting from making friends to scoring passing grades, he had to work from the root itself. 
ReLIFE falls under the genre slice of life, school and romance. So it is expected to have the similar plot of almost every slice of life but here how our main protagonist relives his youth differently plays an important role. After the experiment ends he shall be removed from every person’s memory he has had contact with in that one year of time frame including a girl with whom he falls in love despite trying his best to stay out of it, only leaving him with the reminisce of his relived youth. This anime teaches you to spend your youth with the people around you, create happy memories because youth doesn’t last forever and we don’t live in the anime world where we can reform ourselves with the ReLIFE pills but it's never too late for a change. The story goes way beyond what i’ve mentioned here. The anticipation at the end will put you on edge. You might get “Your Name” vibes by the end of the show. It’s only a 13 episode anime with 4 OVAs. Will the experiment result in success? Will he get over his trauma which led to becoming a NEET? Will he be able to live upto the social standard? Will his love be reciprocated back? All these questions will be answered by the end of the last OVA so it doesn’t leave you feeling dissatisfied. I enjoyed watching ReLIFE and would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t watched it. A mixture of romance, humour and sadness is what I would describe ReLIFE as.

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