Sun, 26 May, 2024

Yurnero, The Juggernaut

By Bidur Banstola

In the blue island of masks With  red duel and swordsmanship all are task A orange child yurnero was born Who had fate for his blue home to be torn For his ill mom he decided to compete Despite of his young age his talent had no limit Breaking the rules he was cast off Litres of red blood spilled but never took the mask off The blue island of masks was destroyed Yurnero’s hope to unite with his kin fade From then using his bladefury and omnislash Heroic red blood was spilled all over for cash For R-16’s fireborn odachi his slashes are orange Getting killed by him is nothing new or strange His omnislash are red When carefree has his blademaster’s set His healing wards has green aura No one can save his opponent not even Pandora No matter whether the opponent is Red Axe or White Lich After the omnislash, All he says is “I AM THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH”. (Author Biography: Bidur Banstola is a third semester student studying at DWIT.)