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Youth Join Hands to Show That 'We Are All Together'

By Asmita Subedi

Photo: A glimpse of the program Photo Courtesy: Yunish Thapa

May 13, 2015 Jhumka, Nepal

prayfornepalThe group of young enthusiast school and high school students of Ramdhuni-Bhasi Municipality organized a candlelight program in the remembrance of the demised souls of the victims of the devastating earthquake of 12th Baisakh at Jhumka Bazar.

The initiative was taken by a group of youth associated with an non-profit organization called Innovative Circle and was supported by municipality, local schools, businessmen and local FM to pray for the peace of the departed souls and spread a message that we all Nepalese are together in this gloomy phase of our country to unite together and rebuild our nation. A resembling piece of Dharahara, flag and map of Nepal with the catchphrase that “We are together!” was made and the candles were ignited.

Earlier the youth were struggling hard to build the Dharahara wrapping paper around a large plastic pipe and they seemed totally happy and satisfied after accomplishing the task. “We felt like we really built the real Dharahara; the pride of our nation and the feeling was wonderful,” said Ronash Gurung, a member of IC. A cheerful girl with the flag print on her face said, “We all were heartbroken to read and hear the news of only deaths and destruction; this event has certainly helped to rebuild our hope and spread a positive message amongst us.”

One of the teachers said, “The effort made by these students is incredible and this event really spreads a great message to all the people of the country.”  Yunish Thapa, the president of Innovative Circle encouragingly said, “Our country is in the need of support and hard work of youth like us and we all should do as much as possible to rebuild our nation. We will rise back. And Yes! ‘We Can! And We Will!’”.

The presence of the youths in the program was commendable and it ended in the positive note that ‘We Will Rise Back Again!’ Cheers to all those innovative youths!