Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

Youth and Sports

By Raju Shrestha

Picture Courtesy: http://media.virbcdn.com/

Playing sports on a regular basis helps us to improve our physical and psychological state. It brings motivation, courage, discipline, concentration and also makes us responsible towards our duty. Hence, sports is essential for the growing children which help them to develop good habits and discipline.

Nowadays, many young people and children are taking up different kinds of sports. In Kathmandu valley, the number of futsal and playgrounds are increasing. The number of football players, basketball players, cricket players, tennis players, badminton players are also increasing. This shows the increase in love of sports among the youth.

Euro Cup 2016 and Copa America also just started and the number of viewers will definitely increase. Events like these motivate and encourages the youth to take up sports. Moreover, the players give it their best for the fans and events like these engage people across borders and helps establish good international relations.

Sports also helps to improve the personal health condition and makes a person be physically and mentally fit and fine. Furthermore, it helps to develop communication skills which increase the confidence level to work in a team and develops leadership skills. An active sports person can easily absorb pressure and also know the value of time. In sports, there is a great value of time. Every second is important when playing a game. One who is able to optimally use the whole time throughout the game will have more chances of winning.

Relating to health, there will be less chance of suffering from different diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetics, etc. Sports also helps us to be stronger as physical exercises improve the strength of our bones, joints, and muscles.

Sports is essential for the youth as it keeps them physically and mentally active. It helps them to focus, be more social, and stay away from unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and doing drugs. And, international events like World Cup, Olympics, and Euro Cup can motivate youth to take up sports.