Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

Yes! Goal.com Rightly Complements Football Fanatics

By Amun Kharel

[caption id="attachment_3583" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Photo Courtesy: Google Photo Courtesy: Google[/caption] Goal.com is the most commonly used app by football fans. With over 6 million Facebook likes, it is the most mainstream website where people get updated with exciting soccer news every day.  I myself have been following the app for over a year now. It has changed a lot since I first used the app. The app is more colorful with added features now, and it all makes the app more user-friendly and interesting overall. It becomes difficult for us to follow every live game event due to our hectic life and the game schedule which seems to be inconvenient with respect to our country; the matches are mostly during the midnight or they go till midnight. So what does a football fan like me, who would want to stay updated with all football facts, do every morning? Probably, view the live scores, read some mouth watering articles and read gossip on the latest transfer window, which means, follow goal.com! I follow goal.com app because I personally feel that it’s a lot easier than surfing a website. On the plus side, you can read articles written by some great soccer journalists on every aspect of the match. It feels like you’ve watched the entire match after finishing some articles. Goal.com app is add free, you don’t have to worry about ads popping around to distract you in the very moment you are getting to the gist of the game. The ads in the other apps touch my nerves when I am desperately trying to view only a live score or when I am in a hurry and also when my team is on a bad run or form. It is highly probable that everyone else feels the same. To add, the app is quick and easy to use. The most exciting thing about goal.com is the comment section. You can sit on your couch with  popcorn and watch the Messi and Ronaldo debate all day. You can login through your Email ID, Facebook or Twitter account. You can like the comment by giving a ‘+’ sign and dislike the comment by giving the ‘-‘sign.  The feature allows you to  instantly know whose fan is currently on top. Many features have been added since the first time I used the app. Now we can watch the standings, the group tables, which is the most likely thing searched by a fan right after his/her team wins or loses a match. Live scores of popular football matches can be viewed right in the homepage. We can view all the competitions going all around the globe now. We can choose the edition of the goal.com where we can choose from several languages. We can also choose an edition of a particular country in the app. We can add a star to our favourite team in the favourite menu. That option gets us the news of only our favourite team. Furthermore, at the bottom of the app, we can view videos or pre-match previews and the post match preview. During load shedding, I follow the live commentary of the app. The app is a lot of fun but still there’s room for improvement. Top goal scorers of particular competition cannot be viewed in the app. It’s frustrating when we have to open our laptop just to view top goal scorers of a particular league. Player profile cannot be viewed from the app. The poll section which exists in the bottom of the goal.com website is not available in the app. Live scores of a game is not updated promptly. You have to download a separate app ‘goal live score’ to get the update of commentary promptly. Next time I update the app, I would definitely love to see the changes made on some of the drawbacks. It would add a lot of value to this awesome app. It is definitely an awesome app for the football fanatics!