Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

Written Board Examinations of the First Semester Students End and Practical Examinations Commence

By Ankit Pradhan

“It seems like yesterday that we entered DWIT, but time passes by so fast that it has already been six months and the end of our first semester”, said Mohan Singh Bomrel, a student of Batch 2017 who recently appeared in the first semester board examinations of BSc. CSIT (Bachelor in Science in Computer Science and Information Technology) conducted by Tribhuvan University this year. The written board examinations which began on 6th May, 2014 ended on 23rd May, 2014. The practical examinations for the semester have started from 26th May, 2014 and will end on 29th May, 2014. The students will have to take four practical examinations in four different subjects, namely Introduction to IT, C-Programming, Probability and Statistics and Statistics-I, one on each day of this week. The students were quite happy about the written examinations having ended and the practical examinations having commenced, knowing that their about one-month long examinations for the first semester were going to end soon. Most of the students responded positively when they were asked about how their examinations went. They also shared that they were hoping to do well in their practical examinations. The students said that their experience in the first semester had been a lot better and exciting than they had expected. "The provision of opportunities such as workshops by the college was helpful indeed", said Ruby Shrestha, a student of Batch 2017. Shreha Regmi, another student of Batch 2017 added, “In DWIT, students don’t just study; they study having fun with each other. They enjoy each other's company and help each other. The administration department is also quite helpful and understands students well.” With the end of the first semester, students are looking forward to starting the second semester. When interviewed, the students shared that they were quite excited and hoping to do a lot better in the second semester than in the first semester. "I am going to work harder and improve my performance in the second semester", said Sanjay Rimal, a student of Batch 2017. However, with the end of exams, the students are expecting to have a vacation of at least 7 days. Students want to take rest, enjoy and visit their home during the vacation, if provided. But, since the administration has not provided the students with any formal notice, students are unsure if they will have a vacation or not.