Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

Are you Worthy to Live?

By Ankit Pradhan

This world may have started then a day before our imagination. We don’t exactly know the date or time this world came into existence but it’s estimated to be more than billions of years. We aren’t the only one being that has lived here as we know that life here began from water. Before the existence of Homo sapiens (human), there were many other creatures that lived on earth but they, as we know, faced extinction. They have almost been extinguished from the page of the history of earth. Those creatures became extinct because they couldn’t prove themselves worthy to live here. We destroy the environment that has given us life, we fight for power, and we just live our life and think that we are worth to live here? The way we have evolved into this form, it took a lot of time. We human beings call ourselves the most intelligent living beings. In other words, we have become the master of the earth. We have made every dream come true. But let’s just take a little bit of our time and think ‘Are we really worthy of calling ourselves the most intelligent living creature?’ We live a life where we are happy getting something to live, playing with someone, we just live for ourselves. Is this also a living? Do you think it is the way you want to live? Being self-centralized? It’s time you think ‘Am I worthy to live the life given to me?’ It is the same environment that gave us birth, place to live, food to eat and everything we desire but we human beings have destroyed it and are still destroying it to fulfil our needs. Our existence is due to nature, if nature is destroyed then we will also be eliminated from the page of history like Dinosaurs. We, the most intelligent living beings till now, know this truth but we are so foolish in that we still intend to destroy our own natural habitat to fulfil our needs. Do you still think you are worthy of this life? Now it’s time to think how to make life given to us meaningful. We always live for ourselves, let’s try to live helping others, preserving the environment. We should protect the thing that is most important for our existence.