Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

The World Around You

By Ankit Pradhan

We live in a world where there is everything but nothing is perfect. God created us and we have created many things, we've even tried to create life. But is it that the world around us is different from us or are we the ones being different from the world? Those people who cannot go along with time get lost or just remain unrecognized in the pages of history. The world around us is same if we keep on moving with it. What do you think the world around you is? The world around you is always different as you move on. Sometimes you have to change yourself for this world and sometimes you have to change the world. Some people find this world very beautiful while on the other hand some really hate this world. It may be because of the environment they came from or from the experiences of their life. But it’s not that the world is good or bad; it’s just the way we see it. If we are good then this world is good for us but if we are mean, selfish and bad then this world is hell. It’s just like the saying “If you scratch my back I will scratch yours, if you hit me I will hit you harder”. But sometimes this world has been hell for good people and heaven for bad. Though the darkness is around us, once the light comes, the darkness will be gone forever. We always become sad thinking about the bad things happening to us but why not start thinking about the reasons which we have to smile :) .  Though there may be few things for us to smile about,  but why not always think about those few reasons and keep on smiling since life is too short to mourn about things that we can do nothing of. The world around us most of the time gives many reasons to be sad and unhappy, but that is the challenge for us to find the reason to smile and be happy. Sometimes when I am sad and walking alone on roads, I see kids playing and smiling, seeing them smile I feel happy and automatically a smile pops up on my face :) . You don’t need to go some other place or drink to be happy and to smile... just see the world around you, it may give you thousands of reasons to smile :) .