Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Workshop on Report Writing

By Shreha Regmi

DWIT conducted a workshop on Report Writing in which a total of 10 students, who are part of DWIT News Club, got an opportunity to participate in. The workshop which comprised of 4 sessions lasted for 4 weeks. The 4 sessions were conducted on 4 consecutive Saturdays, each from 10 am till 12 pm. The classes were mentored by Deborah Koehler. The college initiated the workshop with a motive to help the students write better reports and articles. The classes were very interactive and energetic with a teaching methodology which was quite different from the conventional teaching methods that the students of Nepal usually experience. For example, the teaching learning sessions in the workshop were accompanied with mind games which helped the students to stimulate their senses and connect with each other better. In addition to these, the students were assigned a work in every session, which would, directly or indirectly, contribute for some topic of discussion in the next session. The first session was basically an introduction session where the students were taught how to develop a writer’s character within themselves. They were then given an assignment of critical reading. The same type of assignment continued till the end of the workshop. The following sessions helped students learn about on the spot reporting, mind mapping, and critical reading and thinking. Overall, the sessions entertained practical learning rather than theoretical lectures. Furthermore, Deborah as well as the students were very enthusiastic in every session.“Repetitions make you blind. Don’t be blind, wake up! To be a writer, make your brain alert and think critically", said Deborah in one of the workshop sessions. She added, “Be cautious about the world”. The students who were part of the workshop said that the workshop conducted was a great initiative taken by the college for the reporters. Asmita Subedi, a student from the workshop, said, “I am very happy even though I got an opportunity to attend the workshop for only two sessions, as a replacement of my friend who fell sick. It was a great help for me. Before her classes I had never thought learning was that fun. She taught analytical and critical ways of seeing things and always inspired us to keep our brains active.” Also, Ruby Shrestha, another attendant of the sessions, said, “I am now able to analyze my own article and question myself critically. I thank Deborah and DWIT for organizing such workshops. Those four days are worth remembering.” The workshop conducted was a great help for the students and it enabled them to bring their learning into practice.