Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

A Wonderful Benchmark to Celebrate: The Treat for the 25th Edition of DWIT NEWS

By Asmita Subedi

We, the joyous, hard-working and dedicated members of the DWIT News Team were excited and delighted about the idea of celebrating our 25th edition. (After all, we all deserved it, didn’t we?) The idea came true when we got an approval from our college and so, 13th September was the most awaited day for us all.

With Menosh

Many of us made it to Le Trio, Jawalakhel at around 1:30 pm after struggling hard to find the place and the rest joined us later. We were all together a group of 18; 14 members, our wonderful and cheerful mentors Menosh, Shristi, Deborah and our former editor-in-chief Pratibh Dai. We all headed into the restaurant, listening and dancing to the rhythm of music being played in the background. We were excited, indeed! Since there were 18 of us, we needed a large space. Hence, we chose one of the rooms that faced a beautiful garden outside. After greeting each other, we started to look around and admire the artistic paintings on the wall and paper lanterns hanging on the ceilings. Really, the place was stupendous and after some arrangements of tables and chairs we finally sat down to own our treat. :)

Girl power in the news team

We then began to enjoy ourselves with soft drinks and played interesting games. Menosh was really curious to know the meaning of our names and it was fun explaining the meanings of each other’s names. ☺ We then began to challenge the background music, shouting aloud, playing Antaksheri and Truth and Dare. The Antakshari part was really amazing and unanticipated too; most of us were mimicking the song even though we didn’t know a word.. We were all glad to hear our lovely Shristi ma’am and Menosh singing songs together with us. For the part of Truth and Dare; it was a pleasure to see most of us getting scared to answer the truth questions and rest of others doing crazy and stupid things accepting the Dare. (Haha! I had to dance and scream in front of all saying that I am a Jungalii :) )

The Beautiful Team

Sometime later, Deborah joined us and we started with the game of making a story in pairs. Each pair was given three words by the rest and they had to come up with a story out of those words. The stories were really surprising; some of them turned out to be romantic, sweet, hilarious and frightening as well. We were all overjoyed to hear her impressive story as well.

After having played such wonderful games, our tummies were growling, asking for some food. We all pacified our simulated taste buds with special mo:mo’chas and several other tasty dishes. Then came the time for another wonderful moment. Everyone had fun listening and sharing events that had created a great an impact on their life in the past few months. Bidish dai shared his beautiful poem which didn’t leave anyone unimpressed. It was very nice! :)

With Deborah

It was such a glorious occasion in a magnificent place with wonderful people all around, how could anyone dare to forget to capture those mesmerizing moments on their cameras?? We posed around, from room to the beautiful garden, smiling and making poker faces. The best part was that we all enjoyed the day and obviously the heavy treat too :D and got to know more about each other. We all bid each other Good-Bye and returned to our homes with happy and smiling faces. And Yeah! It was a wonderful Day indeed!!!  :)  :)

We all enjoy together, appreciate and support each other as a team. Most of all, we love the company of each other and learn and share things with one another. We all are glad to be the companions and members of the wonderful club “DWIT NEWS” and blessed to have cheerful and inspiring mentors. We long for each other’s love and support in the coming days too. And Yeah! Thanks to all of us for the wonderful day indeed. It is yet another moment to remember for all of us!! Happy Wonderful 25th Edition to All! Best wishes for us. <3 <3.  Hearty thanks to the college for providing us such a nice opportunity. (Wonderful is the only word hitting my mind right now. Seems like our DWIT NEWS is a wonder world and indeed it is. )