Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Women Protest for Their Rights

By Shila Parajuli

Photo: Women strike for their rights

On Friday, 8th August, the New Baneshwor road was blocked by a large group of women sitting on the road. They were protesting in the favor of women’s rights that, according to them, should be included in the Nepali Constitution. The major concerns were reproductive rights and citizenship issues.

I was making my way through the road of Baneshwor and I started thinking about whether protesting is the only way to work towards solving a national problem? Why don’t Nepalese choose the “right” way to solve issues? Will such a strike really help them? One part of me answered that it was totally the wrong way. When we think from their point of view: yes, they are working to get their voices heard by the required authorities. However, when we think from the general public’s perspective: what are they doing? They are just disturbing the rest of us. The other part of me thought, “If the government was to listen to them that easily, why would they sleep insanely under the burning sun?”


They are fighting for the right thing. Being a female, I give them full support to fight for women’s rights. However, there is another right way to approach to government. They could have put a suggestion in the suggestion box or they could have set an appointment via an NGO with the required authorities. Why don’t they do that? But, even if they do so, will the government act in their favor or even react at all? Then part of me thought the Nepali government is used to strikes when acting towards any national issue is concerned, hence they are doing the right thing.

Nonetheless, I think both public and government should negotiate with each other and come up with a solution to build a corruption free and better Nepal with a strong and favorable constitution.

All Photos By: Shila Parajuli