Thu, 01 Jun, 2023

When I woke up.... Everything was lost!

By Barsha Dahal

Hey, I have been more mature till the day I wrote my last poem in that diary There used to be my separate world of creation, my prince and the beautiful fairy. There were high mountains that could touch the sky, huge lakes around my dream home, and colors of my imagination I never needed the bigger reason to smile, even if I could water the plants that day, it would be the time of celebration. In those days, I was small even though my realizations were so obvious and unbelievably wonderful I had always thought to make this world the best place to live and every human here would be kind and soulful. I was taken by the surprise when I woke up just to see the world totally different from my assumption Here is no love, affection, people live here to satisfy themselves and this world is a total destruction. This is the world where people die and mainly the reason is hunger, murder or suicide My heaven turned to this awful hell. I am already broken and destroyed somewhere inside. Sometimes, many questions make my life more difficult to live and survive Even though my hope was murdered, my dreams were snatched, I am still alive! Here are many children who have never felt the warmness of their mother’s lap And look at me,how can I live without changing this world? Seriously, I had been handicapped. O god, provide me some power. I will make my dream world, an alluring reality I will enlighten everyone’s soul by your power or changing their mentality. When I woke up, everything was lost; those mountains, my home surrounded by lakes, and the heart I felt within all humans However it is how life is, we have to live, learn, fall, rise, love, hate, criticize, accept because life is not a fiction.