Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

I Wish I Was...

By Shreha Regmi

I am a dreamer and I dream of doing every possible thing in this world. It’s a different story that whatever I do, is in my dreams. And this is the reason I wish for so many things in life. I am not satisfied with my life, I think no one is. Maybe I haven’t found my inner peace yet! It’s on its way, I know it. I wish for childish things, because there is a big part of me that is a child and I would never let it die. I wish of living in a chocolaty world, everywhere chocolates and that too edible. Oh! How fun would that be! Or wish of living life as a princess, a princess that is free of worries. Or wish of going on a quest in search for an adventure, maybe? Sounds fun. Sometimes, the child in you stops acting and you behave like an adult. We’ll always have to be one, or we already are. And it’ll definitely affect the child inside you, because you cannot live your entire life wishing for a chocolaty world. I have a long list of wishes. Sometimes 1000 words are not enough to talk about it. So people, this is some of them, some of the things I am serious about. This is my very first poem: . I Wish I Was... I wish I was a bird So I could soar in the sky Setting free oh my beautiful mind To see the beautiful world To enjoy the beautiful sunrise.   I so wish I was an angel, And I would disappear all the pain Replace them with faith Making everyone full of love And cheering them around.   I wish I was a lion Then I would roar aloud Not letting anyone control me, For I am your almighty king And it's you who should bow down.   I wish for so many things, So many that none comes true But there's no limit, no limit for the wishes For every dream and for all the riches Just continue wishing until one comes true.   However, I wish to be a girl, To be an example to the world. Being my parents’ walking cane Always being there for my friends Bringing a beautiful change.