Wed, 19 Jun, 2024


By Pratyush Nepal

We were what they called the wild kind of lovers. I was a capo who committed murders and crimes under my boss’s command. I was getting so good at the tasks assigned by the boss that the consigliere arranged a meeting between me and the boss. It was at a splendid villa with all the cars and luxuries. The consigliere introduced me to my boss, who offered me a scotch on the rocks. While the boss was praising me and congratulating me on my successful hits, my eyes gazed upon a bold lady with high leg slit dress with a martini in her hand. I fell in love with her instantly. She came towards us and when I was about to introduce myself to her, she kissed my boss instead.

She was my boss’s wife and it amused me greatly. When she greeted me, our eyes met and I could see her wildness in those smoky eyes. Later, after a few drinks, jazz musicians started to play and I asked her for a dance. The moment that we spent on the dance floor was really good but she was way over her head and she went on from me to her husband in a desperate attempt to make me jealous. After this incident, I went on with my normal crime life and I would meet her occasionally. Once, when my boss was away from town. He wanted me to give his wife company, so I took her out to dinner. She was not happy with her husband and she shared her thoughts as though she wanted to get with me.

I was gaining all the respect I deserved in the streets and my reputation was increasing throughout the west coast. My boss started fearing the thought of me taking over his entire empire and plotted to destroy me. He sent his moles to kill me. After a series of gun battles, I was finally able to kill all those thugs and I finally set out to kill my boss. I used all means to torture him to speak out the truth and finally when he confessed it all, I killed him and took over all the mafia empire. I finally married that girl and we were unstoppable lovers. Driven by money and drugs we lived the life nobody could even dream of. We were slowly losing grip of our life and the wild love that we shared started being violent. We were always apart and we hardly saw each other.

She started cheating on me with another guy. She plotted to kill me and take over the entire empire. We went on a getaway to my beach island. It was a full moon night and she took me to our balcony. She had ordered her boyfriend to come over the roof when she signaled him to. In the balcony, we shared a drink together and after getting drunk we started dancing. During that time, she signaled her lover to come over. I could see the rage in her eyes when her boyfriend pulled out his trigger on me and she was sharing that menacing laugh ordering her boyfriend to shoot that pistol which was fixed on my head. The night was getting dull and a big bang of  a pistol was heard but it was she who got killed. She was actually in a relationship with my brother whom she never knew about. I knew about her and actually ordered my brother to test her out. After she was in her last breath I was telling her my plan and I was showing off my pride when she was struggling out for her last breath and when I looked back, my brother shot me. He had back stabbed me to get my empire. I lied there bloody on the ground and crawled upon to my wife to give her a last kiss before we died.