Sun, 26 May, 2024

Why Not You?

By Giriraj Khatri

It has been a while that I have been going through this thought. We have been complaining about all the things that government, politicians and concerned authority have not done for us. Updating status in social sites about how dust in Kathmandu is affecting our life, expressing our grumpy feelings about political instability and corruption, expressing our anger for the government not being able to provide quality service in administrative work. The list could go on and on as we complain about everything that is going on in the country. The big question arises here when you are complaining about everything – Have you ever wondered what you have done to solve them except for complaining. This immediate past Saturday, there was a campaign called to aware the public about how filthy that the air in Kathmandu was getting and it was led by one of the most phenomenal people that I have ever met along with his enthusiastic group of co-workers, friends, and family. I had imagined a presence of a huge mass of crowd but there only substantial people willing to support the green air campaign. Are you not breathing a foul air or is it just those people present in the campaign? This is just a tip of an iceberg. There are many instances where we complain and do nothing. Dr. Govinda KC's movement to revolutionize the health sector of Nepal and his fight against corruption has not been able to get momentum due to lack of public support. Some of you may say that I have marched from Maitighar Mandala to Baneshwor in his support and have stood holding pamphlet in Baneshwor Chowk on Saturday. Is it enough? When Dr. KC fast unto death for days and you just go on a rally for some hour. Do you think that this minimal support of you will help him fight against those international medical mafias and national politicians? It is not only the problem of Dr. KC - it is national. It is your problem, your family’s problem and your society’s problem. So, why not you? Why don’t you stop your everything and sit alongside him to solve your own problem? Believe me, if people facing the problem would set aside their personal work and protest then his fasting would not extend. Complaining is a habit in Nepalese society. The seniors solved our problem when we reported them about it. In the classroom, if someone did something, you reported to your teacher and they fixed it for you. At home, you had your parents. We were not taught to fix our own issues. Habits of ours have come along with us and we hope that someone solves it. It is not going to happen. Change yourself, change your habit and change your attitude. Next time, if you think that the air in your city is dirty, take a time to think what you can do to minimize and bring those thinking into the act. It could be a small act of not throwing the waste of our house on the roadside. When your work at government office requires a lot of time then wait! Do not provide a stipend to the broker to make it quick. These are at individual level. If it requires national attention, then go and join hands with a group of people who have initiated to do something for the problem. It is your problem and you should solve it yourself. Had this been our lesson during our upbringing then a majority of the problems existing in our country would reach a solution. Unfortunately, we are assuming the problems to be of government, civil society and another individual but not ours. Similarly, we are thinking that teachers and parents of ours will deal with it as they did in childhood but those teachers and parents are waiting for theirs. If you understand the chain then it should be you walking out of trend and solving your own problem.