Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Why I Deactivated my Facebook?

By Giriraj Khatri

  We live in a hyper-connected world thanks to the social networking sites. If you are not into it then you may be considered a fool. And, why not? If you are not on social sites then how will people follow your achievements, your feelings, your relationship status, and the way you live your life? If you do not post something that happened to you then no one knows about it. Everybody questions “When did it happen?” Still, I considered deactivating my Facebook and if Facebook allowed then I would delete my account. Facebook was no more a social networking site for me. Instead, it was a habit. I was so much addicted to it that I would refresh my newsfeed every ten minutes no matter where I would be – in class, seminar, dining table or restroom. The Facebook mobile application had made this habit of mine a lot easier. Most of the time, it would be the same newsfeed but still, I would be scrolling down with an illusion to see something new. It wasted a lot of my time which I could have spent to do something creative. Another thing that concerned me was my newsfeed. It was full of creepy things that people liked or commented on. For instance, an image displaying "Like this post/image if you love your mother." Why should I? I cannot express the love to my mother by just clicking a button on Facebook. Furthermore, there are extreme images with a caption stating “Type Amen” to save a child. Will that child be alive if I really comment “Amen?” Prayers may but not in this case. Because someone just uploaded it to promote his/her page and to be popular. Facebook is an awkward place to be in. People ask questions why I had not accepted their request? Why didn’t I make a comment or reacted to their post or image? Many times, I have made a heated argument with my colleagues, friends, and relatives over this topic. Why should I? It’s my choice. I understand people want to have as much comment or like on their page but they cannot extract it from people forcefully. More importantly, Facebook's intention is to keep you on it as it is making money out of you. When I chose to deactivate my account, it questioned me, “Are you sure? … Will miss you! … Will miss you! … Will miss you!" If it missed me then it can come over to my place or call me. Another thing that annoyed me was the notifications that I get from Facebook. So and so are playing this, have liked this page, going here and do you want to do so? Just because we are connected on Facebook does not mean that we share the same interest and likes. Still, I have facebook withdrawal syndrome? Why isn’t there a blue icon on my phone? What have people posted? Where are my friends traveling? This made me come back into Facebook many times although I had in my New Year resolution to quit Facebook. Now, that I am out of this networking world, I do not have to like or make comment on anyone’s post which has helped me to intensify my relation with people around me. I do not have to waste seconds of my life reading status like, “With my hubby”, “Feeling hungry”, “Ohhhhhh yey!” Facebook was an awesome place to be in at the beginning but it gradually showed its ugly side so I deactivated my Facebook account.