Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

Why FRIENDS is My Favourite Series?

By Shreeya Pandey

Photo Courtesy: TV.com
Divided into 10 seasons, FRIENDS depicts the celebration of life, glory of friendship, and the vigorousness of youth. Most of us who haven't watched it may have heard from our peers that it has an amazing and humorous storyline, which is so true. From its overwhelming and captivating plot to the characters, which include Chandler's sarcasm, Joey's charm, Ross's intelligence, Monica's obsessive-compulsive nature, Rachel's style and Phoebe's perky nature everything about FRIENDS makes it enjoyable and worth watching. This series has made me laugh, cry at times, feel loved and stupid too, so basically it is a complete package of ‘entertainment’. It was really amusing to see the six friends hanging around in the coffee house- 'Central Perk’, gossiping about the incidents that have taken place in their lives and also discussing the solutions to the problems that they had faced. After watching few seasons, I felt like I am a part of their group as I could feel all the emotions and troubles that they went through. Apart from this, I also got much acquainted with the characters and they felt like family to me. Among all the characters of this series, my favourite character is Chandler Bing ( portrayed by Matthew Perry) as he used frequent sarcasm and jokes to give better flavour to his dialogues which indeed made the series more fun to watch. Also, his chemistry with his friends was commendable. One of my friends had recommended me to watch this series as he felt that everything in it was perfect - the acting, the script and he assured me that I would have a great time watching it which indeed came out to be true. There wasn't a single episode which failed to entertain me and this is the main reason that kept me glued to it. Moreover, the best part about friends was that it taught me a lot about the importance of having true friends with whom we can share our feelings, gossip and also hold each other's hands during difficult times. There wasn't a single episode that failed to entertain me and this is the main reason that made me determined to finish such a long series within a couple of months. Now that I have finished watching it, I miss the days when I used to utilise all my spare time just to watch FRIENDS. I miss the characters- their craziness, their friendship, the harmony which makes me want to watch it all over again and I feel that after watching it for the second time too, I would not feel bored but rather enjoy watching it again. This is one of the main reasons that FRIENDS has been very special to me and its end marked the closure to one of the phases of my life.