Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Who Am I?

By Sneha Parajuli

If I had to define myself, I wouldn’t know how to. Am I always happy? No. I believe there are always two sides to a person. And that according to me are the internal and the external. Internal as in who we actually are and external as how others see us. Some people are quite successful in portraying themselves as a completely different person in front of others in spite of who they really are. But others are so unrealistic that people tend to question are they really like that or are they trying to fool us? Who am I? Am I a happy and bubbly person? When people are around me, do I bring good vibes around them? Do I make them happy? I actually don’t know. These questions have two answers. And these two answers come from two sets of people. One who are my loved ones and others who, I don’t know why, do not like me. I am not so sure what I have done to the second set of people. It’s not that I am blaming others for not liking me. I also tend to dislike people even if they have done nothing wrong to me. But there is a different way or say, a funny way I judge people. It’s like if I feel someone’s faking to be good and I get some kind of negative vibe from them then I dislike them. I also easily get affected by others’ point of view. Let’s say, I like a person. And then someone randomly pops up and says some negative things about that same person, I eventually start noticing the bad side of that person. I know I sound really ridiculous at the moment but that’s how it is. I like being blunt, blunt enough to confess something true to others and not fake anything. I like telling people how they are, what are their good as well as bad qualities, how can they polish themselves to become a person loved by all. When I try to do so, I may be the one who is wrong, but actually I am trying to help them flourish. I cannot be fake myself just for the sake of looking good in front of others. I am who I am and I will be me, like it or not. Be my friend and I promise you’ll love me.