Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Which performance did you like the most in DeerUtsav 3.0?

By Sushil Awale

Photo: Mohan S. Bomrel
The DeerUtsav 3.0 had some wonderful performance for the audience to enjoy. From break-dance to classical, from Nepali folk song to modern rock song, the performances in DeerUtsav 3.0 got the crowd excited and hooked. DWIT News got in touch with some of the audiences, and asked them which performance they liked the most. Here’s what they had to say.

Bimal Gaire ’16

It's very difficult to pick a particular one from all those beautiful performances. All the performers put lots of effort and I really appreciate their contribution in making this event successful. The Slam Poetry by Maunta was first of its kind in DWIT and I enjoyed it a lot; dance by Osheen had the crowd on their feet with its high tempo, the level of energy, and the beats of the music; Bidur as always delivered an astounding performance. But if I had to mention the one that I liked the most, I would pick ‘Farki Farki’ by the Music Club. It was a really good performance in terms of vocals, music, and coordination. Everyone was singing along and I enjoyed it a lot. The performers although performing someone else's song were able to add some of their own flavors to the song.

Sneha Parajuli ‘17

I liked the song ‘Dali Resham’ by Bidur and Group.

Prakriti Shree Tuladhar ‘18

I enjoyed Takdir and Group’s skit. I liked the satire, the movements, the body language of both the characters, especially the use of “parth.”

Shreeya Pandey ‘19

I liked drama the most. Takdir and Group performed really well and filled the environment with humor and joy. Also, the script was quite humorous which made me laugh till the end. Grabbing opportunities on your own and not relying on college for a job was a really wonderful and meaningful message delivered through the drama.

Bandanna Aryal ‘20

I liked the drama by Takdir and Group. It was perfectly directed, the script was sarcastic, and had humor. Both the actors were flawless.

Bardan Gurung ‘17

I liked the dance performance by Class of 2020 on the song “Shape of You.”

Saras Karanjit ‘19

The much awaited DeerUtsav 3.0 was a real entertainer. There were a lot of good performances but the performance I liked the most was ‘Dali Resham’ by Bidur Banstola and Group. As we all know, Bidur Dai is a fantastic performer on stage. Often referred to as the Bipul Chhetri of DWIT, his performance this year too was amazing. His songs were appreciated by the crowd so much that the roars of “once more” echoed throughout the hall. Bidur Dai too took the opportunity and sang another song for the crowd.