Fri, 23 Feb, 2024

When My Mobile Vibrates

By Suraj Prasai

When my mobile vibrates…………….. These days everyone has a mobile. From the beggars to the upper echelons of human society, all have a mobile. And we students are no exception!! Since we attend classes, vibration mode (grrrr grrrr) is our ringtone. In my case, this is my ringtone all the time. So basically when my mobile vibrates, I check it out. But most of the times it is usually nonsense. I saw a friend’s mobile vibrating and saw it was a notification, “Your village has been raided.” I saw another friend's, “Oops! You forget to unlock your chest.”, then I saw another’s, “Hello baby.” I was also waiting for a notification like that. Which of the three? Since I don’t play super cell games (right now), the latter would be the case. So every time my phone vibrates I really become excited. Peoples say, “Don’t put high hopes on something, you might get depressed.” But it’s just what I want to do. (Cause I got high hopes!! –By Kodaline (please listenJ)) So every time my mobile vibrates, I get someone’s image on my head and after the obvious truth, I give a sigh, “Next time for sure.” And this is not the only depressing part, but the notification itself is another source. A simple, “Hello” is the expectation but “Your battery is lower than 20%.”, ”Your account balance is Rs.4.32. Please recharge soon.”, “Oe ghar auda khane kura lyera aija, ma bhokai chu” are the reality. People’s mobiles vibrate a lot. I think the mobile vibrates more no of times than the no of times we use it. Mobiles are really made for vibration, that’s why there are so many features like set alarm, reminders and on top of that Facebook, Viber notification. Turning them off is an option but, “What if…..” changes our mind (it changes mine at least). Today too, my mobile vibrated many times, there were usual notifications and an unusual one. That was the vibration I was waiting for, a vibration that auto-tuned with my heart vibration, a vibration with 528 Hz frequency, the vibration of love. (Then again my mobile vibrates and it’s an alarm at 6 AM that wakes me every day.) Image: Google